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At Beira Douro you'll find a tailor-made solution for your business. We are here to listen to you and offer the best solution for your needs.

The quality of the coffee is served with the quality of the service. Day after day, we bring you excellence, proximity, professionalism and the art of being Beira Douro Cafés.



Technical assistance

Know-How, Show-How Service

Beira Douro provides a permanent monitoring and support service for all its customers. This is an exclusive service carried out by highly specialized technicians who regularly visit each of the brand's establishments, providing technical assistance and support at the most varied levels.

The aim is to help each customer make the most of the potential of Beira Douro products, collaborating to improve the performance of our customers.

All in the name of perfect espresso and our commitment to quality for all those who are part of the Beira Douro Cafés universe.




The art of making the perfect espresso

Making a good espresso requires mastery, which is why at Beira Douro we share our knowledge with our customers.

Initial training, follow-up training and clarification training in response to any queries our clients may have.

We have a team always available to be by your side and guarantee the conditions and care needed to extract the perfect coffee.



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